When you empower your mind, you empower your life

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At RISE Hypnosis Center our mission is to empower people by healing their pain from the inside out with Medical Hypnosis. RISE Hypnosis seeks to heal people from pain – all forms.

Your guarantee: RISE Hypnosis empowers your mind to heal. 

A guided exploration will unlock past obstacles preventing you from living the life you desire. Pain must be healed mentally before physical healing can begin.

You’re overwhelmed and feeling less and less like yourself as days pass by. 

Your bad habits are starting to outweigh the good and it’s beginning to show. 

You’re disenchanted with the hand you’ve been dealt in life and you’re fed up with how things are going. 

There comes a time when you realize that this is not good enough. This is not what you want. You think - this can't be IT. 

I hear you. 

Barbara Toritto

I have had some pretty low points in my life, too. Being the grey sheep of the family and struggling with a traumatic childhood only scratches the surface of a complicated past. I made choices that did not reflect the person I wanted to be and fell into cycles of contradictory behaviors.

However, through all of this, my passion has always been to find a solution to the pain, for myself and those around me. Using natural healing methods, I am always working toward bettering myself and helping others wherever possible. I became a masseuse and this occupation worked wonders in allowing me to support people with their physical pain, but I felt like I wasn’t able to really get down to the root of the problem. I knew their pains were coming from somewhere else.

The cool thing about life is that the simplest thing can happen, and a switch goes off and you say, “Okay, what just happened?” There were heartbreaking stories revealed to me in the massage room that taught me some hard life lessons. I came to realize that there was more to a person’s past than meets the eye and that if I could help to shift a person’s perception of their past, they could live a more fulfilling life in the present. After an abundance of research and experimentation, I discovered that this mental shift could be done most effectively through hypnosis.

In my opinion and personal experience, hypnosis is incredibly powerful and empowering. It leans into the subconscious and taps into the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Through hypnosis, I realized that I had unknowingly taken things in as a child that were affecting my day-to-day as an adult. These traumas manifested themself as everything from chronic illness, physical pain, and emotional distress. After participating in hypnosis and feeling the burden of my past lift off of my shoulders, I knew that this was the best way to help others to heal as well.

So, I need to ask you: Is your past controlling your present and unknowingly preventing you from living the life you deserve?

Would you like a free 30-minute consultation via Zoom to discover if your past is controlling your present?

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One Client's Experience

Watch and listen as I chat with one of my clients, Hollis Citron, about her virtual hypnosis experience. 

Another Client's Experience

Kath talks about her success with virtual hypnosis. She lives in the UK so our sessions were held over Zoom.

Hypnosis is a tool that can change your perspective of the past so as to alleviate the pain of today.

Are you letting the past control your life? You can find relief and feel like yourself again. 

Look, I’ve had people approach me at functions to say: Oh my gosh, Barbara, do you remember me? You changed my life!

But I didn’t change their life. They changed their life the moment they decided to make the call. It was their decision. They shifted their energy to a different place and that started the process. When you take that first step, you're empowering yourself and you're freeing your life - it takes a lot of courage to get to that point- but you can do it.

Giving yourself permission to heal and move past your subconscious obstacles can make all the difference in the world. You need to give yourself permission to find who you are again, to feel better physically and mentally. 

You deserve it.

Using a strategic combination of hypnosis, reiki, and healing touch, I am able to guide you through asking yourself difficult questions and opening up to receive the answer. It’s about empowerment through subconscious healing.

When you empower your mind, you empower your life. 

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